The Mighty Difference Story

It all began in Swidnica-Slaska…    

 My Mighty Difference Story

My story begins across the ocean in Swidnica-Slaska, Poland where I was born. Early on, I knew I wanted to excel in life. At the time, I really didn’t know what it was that I wanted to do or be… but I knew it would involve somehow helping people to become their absolute, healthiest best. Little did I know then, that I would be eventually own and operate a Green Home & Commercial Cleaning Services Company.
I came to America in 1999 with my family and settled in Connecticut to explore what opportunities might be available. Learning to speak and write English was my first priority.

In 2005 I set out to enjoy the sun filled desert climate of Arizona and to take advantage of the then booming housing market.

A wonderful business opportunity soon presented itself in Arizona… the chance to be a silent partner in a nationally known cleaning company. As a silent partner, I was anything but silent… I learned everything I could about the business model and how the business was run. In 2008 I became an active manager of the cleaning franchise for the entire Valley of the Sun market.

Unfortunately, 2008 wasn't the best year for the US economy, the housing market crashed, people started losing their jobs, and I started losing clients. By the end of the year, the crash made my business unsustainable.

As I was discovering my business passion and goals, I was blessed with the birth of my son in 2006. When he turned 8 months, my little baby boy got sick. It all started with a cold or flu, which lead to a chronic cough, and that eventually became so severe that he started to have breathing problems. Doctor after doctor, treatment after treatment, could not provide relief. All the testing did not show any signs of allergic reactions… ear infections were a constant and nothing I tried would help.

Then, one day I had a heart to heart conversation with my friend. I told her about my son's health issues. I was surprised when she asked me about what cleaning products do I used to clean my house, and what kind of laundry detergent do I use. She, who was a cancer survivor herself, started to explain how all of those products are toxic and how they pollute my indoor environment causing all kinds of health issues.

It was a huge shock to me, to find out that all of the intense cleaning that I was doing every week, was actually doing more harm than good! That the bacteria that sits on my countertops and floor, is not as harmful as all of the chemical toxic residue that is left behind after each cleaning. Well, my question was: what do I use, to make sure there is no toxic residue, and that surfaces are clean and sanitized?

She showed me how she was able to significantly reduce the symptoms of her illness. She introduced me to the value of intense dry steam deep cleaning. I took the time to learn the process of correctly applying the dry steam from a high-end Italian made machine. Unlike everything else I tried before… I discovered that this process really does kill most household bacteria, viruses, and mold spores… and most importantly leaves surfaces perfectly clean!
I also studied the types of cleaning products used in the typical household. It was a very shocking experience. I knew I needed to find non-toxic, environmentally greener, yet effective and cost efficient cleaners. Many commercial products came close to want I wanted, but none totally fulfilled my quest. After much experimentation, the simple cleaning products I made in my own kitchen actually worked the best!

After two months of using dry steam and my own cleaning products (which is how I developed the core of my Mighty Two-Step Cleaning Process) my son was feeling so much better that his doctor was able to greatly reduce his medication!

Now, I'm a happily married mom of 3, our youngest boy is 21 months old boy. Pure energy! In our house, we don't have a “5 second rule” so if he drops food on the floor, he feels free to pick it up and finish eating.

It's been six years since Mighty H2O first started. Six years of development, experimentation and a lot of research. Six years of helping people resolve their cleaning problems in a healthy manner, without polluting their indoor environment, without toxic fumes causing health problems to their family and pets, without harm to our fragile ecosystem, and most importantly, I’m helping people every day to become their absolute, healthiest best!

Now, it’s your turn… what is your cleaning story? How do you think your life would be improved if the toxic buildup from of years of harsh cleaning chemicals and bacteria were in effect almost completely eliminated from your home? Over 90% of my customers rate the cleanliness of their homes to have greatly improved after using Mighty h20 cleaning services… especially after their first deep cleaning experience! 
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