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“As a physician who treats and heals patients with asthma, allergies, and chemical toxicities, I support MightyH2O as a way to decrease toxic exposures at work and home”.

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Dr. Shawna Eischens
Naturopathic Physician
Rockwood Natural Medicine Clinic
Scottsdale, Arizona
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Mighty H2O has cleaned my home now for about eight or ten years. I see how other homes are cleaned and they simply cannot compare to Viga's expert services due to their attention to detail. They use a steam cleaner that does a wonderful job and use only natural products such as olive oil and vinegar to achieve the most beautiful counter surfaces.
I highly recommend Mighty H2O for your cleaning needs, you will not be disappointed.

A long-time customer,
M Collette
I have very severe allergies so I need the most natural, healthy cleaning products possible.  I found the perfect solution with Mighty H20.  I was thrilled when I found out that they use steam to clean your home or business.  What can be more natural than that?  In addition, they use only natural, pure products such as olive oil and organic vinegar, baking soda and other items such as this to polish your furniture, clean stainless steel or for other needs.  I have never had a reaction when my home or gallery have been cleaned by Mighty H2O and they do such a caring, beautiful job for a very reasonable price!  I give them 5 stars and recommend them to everyone I know who is looking for a cleaning service!
T. Peters | T&K Images, Peoria
When I was introduced to MightyH2O and found out what they do I was right on board to have my home cleaned. I was blown away to find out where dust is hiding. In areas I have never thought of. I also had my tile floors cleaned and the grout went from grey to off white just like new again.

So I recommended MightyH2O to my customers, which too have been amazed and delighted about the alternative way of cleaning a home without any toxic smell. And one of my customer was so exited how clean the garage door was after MightyH2O”s steam cleaning that she recommended it to the home owner association to have every homeowners garage door cleaned!

MightyH2O is especially the way to go for people who have allergic reactions to the chemicals in conventional cleaners and to dust.

R Hofmann
| www.beyondmirrorimage.com
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