2-Step Process

The Secret of the
'Mighty Green 2-Step Cleaning Process'?

Actually, it's not a secret! ...
My mission is to spread the word about our “Mighty Green 2-Step Process” which can help rid your home and office of harsh chemicals and provide your family and/or employees with a healthy and productive environment. You can help everyone live and work at their absolute best!
Step 1:
Start with custom-prepared
Mighty Clean

It took several years, but perfecting my Mighty Clean cleaning products was well worth it. I make these products myself in manageable batches to assure consistency and performance strength. All my products are

  • nonallergenic,
  • family and pet safe,
  • and eco friendly.

I apply my product to most surfaces using soft non-abrasive cloths. We also offer our clients cleaning products made from a variety of high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils that can be a part of the deep cleaning process. Using these oils can do more than just make your home smell wonderful. They can disinfect, purify and even remove stains -- all without any toxic chemicals in the mix. Essential oils are naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial.

All the goodness and power of using my natural cleaning product is brought to full strength with the application of Step 2 of our unique process

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Step 2:
Clean and sanitize with dry steam ...

Once my Mighty Clean products have had a chance to work their surface preparation process, it’s time to apply the dry steam.

Unlike everything else I tried before, including wet steam, I discovered that the flash intensity of dry steam really does kill most household bacteria, viruses, and mold spores… leaving surfaces perfectly clean! That is what keeps your home and business environment cleaner longer, leaving no toxic residues. You can feel confident that your surfaces are truly sanitized. It’s a clean so deep that you can see, feel, and clients say even taste and hear the difference (ask me how that can be)!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are dissatisfied with your cleaning for any reason, we will re-clean for no additional charge.

Still not convinced?
Attend a Dirty Toaster Party!

I am often asked by folks who have not seen my Mighty Clean  process in action, “Does it really work the way you say it does?” and I understand that skepticism.

So, I encourage you to invite three or four of your friends to your home and bring a small appliance (it doesn’t have to be a toaster!) and let me show you just how clean and refreshed I can make any well-used small ‘appliance’. It’s a win-win for everyone! Your friends go home with their ‘new’ appliance and you receive all the thanks.

Plus! If you host or attend a Dirty Toaster Party, you and each of your friends attending, will receive special pricing and bonus coupons!

When you see the difference I can make on a ‘toaster’… you’ll understand the difference I can make in your entire home or office!
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